Here at Rozovics Group, LLP, we do more than crunch numbers. We provide a vast array of services that will enhance your business. Assisting with your bookkeeping and preparing your taxes are a small part of what we do.  More importantly, we provide business and IT consulting, estate planning and business succession planning. Even that is just scratching the surface.

Going Beyond the Numbers

We continually go beyond the numbers.  We are dedicated to working with you to implement real solutions for your business.  We’re more than just accountants.  We’re trusted advisors who can help you and your business grow.

Family Owned

We are a family owned business and have been located in the Chicago area for over 35 years. That’s a long track record of real results.  We advise small to mid-sized entities looking for what it takes to get their business to the next level.

Check us out and give us a call.  Let’s work together to help you and your business get to where you think it can go.

We look forward to hearing from you